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nena ♡ meme supreme ([personal profile] kuwata) wrote 2017-01-24 02:30 am (UTC)

needs canon review

ace attorney
aura blackquill • [personal profile] robolady
dahlia hawthorne • [personal profile] toxiferous
ema skye • [personal profile] fingerprinter
juniper woods • [personal profile] everblooming
pearl fey • [personal profile] specialsomeone
trucy wright • [personal profile] keepsasmile
vera misham • [personal profile] nailbites

dangan ronpa
akane owari • [personal profile] muncher
chihiro fujisaki • [personal profile] algoraithm
chisa yukizome • [personal profile] chisia
ibuki mioda • [personal profile] girlslove
junko enoshima • [personal profile] despairify
koichi kizakura • [personal profile] druncle
kyouko kirigiri • [personal profile] necroscopic
mahiru koizumi • [personal profile] noselfies
mikan tsumiki • [personal profile] meekan
sonia nevermind • [personal profile] decretal

artina • [personal profile] repos
fuka kazamatsuri • [personal profile] prinnyesque
princess rozalin • [personal profile] sinfulrose

puella magi madoka magica
kyouko sakura • [personal profile] incanta
mami tomoe • [personal profile] nastro
nagisa momoe • [personal profile] parmigiano (herself) | [personal profile] reggiano (bebe)

princess tutu
ahiru • [personal profile] ducklike
rue • [personal profile] kraehen

sailor moon
minako aino • [personal profile] outloving
chibiusa tsukino • [personal profile] minibun

shugo chara!
nagihiko fujisaki • [personal profile] nichibu
utau hoshina • [personal profile] heartfulsong
yaya yuiki • [personal profile] dearbaby

touhou project
flandre scarlet • [personal profile] unowen
kaguya houraisan • [personal profile] guya
koishi komeiji • [personal profile] fictively
remilia scarlet • [personal profile] deviless
rin kaenbyou • [personal profile] catcart
sakuya izayoi • [personal profile] lunaclock
satori komeiji • [personal profile] mentalistic
wakasagihime • [personal profile] serea
youmu konpaku • [personal profile] hanrei
yuyuko saigyouji • [personal profile] ghastful

steven universe
rose quartz • [personal profile] philogeant

when they cry series

bernkastel • [personal profile] mirabiliary
dlanor a. knox • [personal profile] tenwedges
erika furudo • [personal profile] greycells
rena ryuuguu • [personal profile] kyute

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