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active / semi-active

"nena why do you have so many accounts" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Please keep in mind that a lot of these muses are needs canon review / voicetesting, so voices may be shaky!

ace attorney
apollo justice • [personal profile] 29003
armie buff • [personal profile] siegedefense
bonny de famme • [personal profile] bonbun
betty de famme • betbat

dangan ronpa ( Someday, I will obtain my dream of playing every possible Dangan except not really but I might as well with how many I play. )

celestia ludenberg • [personal profile] gyanbura
chiaki nanami • [personal profile] gga (sdr2) | [personal profile] galaomega (dr3)
monaka towa • [personal profile] mageic (dr:ae) | [personal profile] ggrks (dr3)
ruruka andou • [personal profile] chouxpreme
ryouta mitarai • [personal profile] mitaraihen
sayaka maizono • [personal profile] idolminded

ever after high
ashlynn ella • [personal profile] shoestruck
cedar wood • [personal profile] truthcursed
duchess swan • [personal profile] plie
kitty cheshire • [personal profile] disapurrs
madeline "maddie" hatter • [personal profile] teariffic

archer (nameless) • [personal profile] redonechance
archer (robin hood) • [personal profile] douchero
assassin of black (jack the ripper) • [personal profile] goback
caster (hans christian andersen) • [personal profile] observancy
caster (nursery rhyme) • [personal profile] insidetheglass
caster (tamamo-no-mae) • [personal profile] fluffytail
hakuno kishinami • [personal profile] amnesiacs
saber (nero claudius) • [personal profile] stagesets

the idolm@ster; the idolm@ster cinderella girls
ai hidaka • [personal profile] hanamaru
anzu futaba • [personal profile] antiwork
chihaya kisaragi • [personal profile] straybird
hibiki ganaha • [personal profile] okinawan
hokuto ijuuin • [personal profile] kesshou
iori minase • [personal profile] dekoakuma
kirari moroboshi • [personal profile] kirarinpower
mai hidaka • [personal profile] maidoru
mami futami • [personal profile] lovelybody
mika jougasaki • [personal profile] vsign
miki hoshii • [personal profile] afuu
ranko kanzaki • [personal profile] rosenburgengel
riina tada • [personal profile] darii
rika jougasaki • [personal profile] heartbeatrhythm
shouta mitarai • [personal profile] onsunday
yayoi takatsuki • [personal profile] hitouch
yukiho hagiwara • [personal profile] shovelling

professor layton
lucy baker • [personal profile] parexcellence

love live; love live sunshine
chika takami • [personal profile] zerotoone
hanamaru kunikida • [personal profile] hoshizura
maki nishikino • [personal profile] pianistique
mari ohara • [personal profile] itsjoke
nico yazawa • [personal profile] nicocchi
nozomi toujou • [personal profile] gashi
yoshiko tsushima • [personal profile] wanion

sound horizon
aohige-ko • [personal profile] kleid
artemisia • [personal profile] astromancing (moira/nein, mostly nein)
buran-ko • [personal profile] blackswing
dornröschen • [personal profile] soporose
el • [personal profile] elys
elisabeth von wettin • [personal profile] vogelbauer (märchen) | [personal profile] withinthisbirdcage (idoido) | [personal profile] deniesninth (nein)
ido-ko • [personal profile] workinghard
schneewittchen • [personal profile] schoenste
violette • [personal profile] berceau

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